October Newsletter from Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District

From Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District: The October 2014 Aquifer Bulletin is now available.  District staff have collaborated to put together a wide range of articles dealing with hot topics these days.

Topics include:

Summer Groundwater Roller Coaster

Discussion of unusual in-and-out of drought declarations this summer.

Permitting Summary

Summary of Mar-Sept 2014 permits.

From the GM’s Desk

Discussion of Legislative groundwater activity and possible impact of proposed bills.

Wells & Seller’s Disclosure Notice

Changes made to inform buyers, sellers, and realtors for properties with wells.

Updated Hydro Zones

A new look at all areas that influence the Barton Springs segment of the Edwards.

Traces of the Past

A historic account of an early dye trace.

Conservation Rate Structures

A look at water rates to encourage conservation.

Recent Well Drilling Activity

A look at trends in the District and Travis Counties

Precinct 2 Director Election Information

Links to information about election day and early voting locations


Hope to see you out at the Rainwater Revival in Dripping Springs, Saturday Oct. 25.  More info:  http://rainwaterrevival.com/