Ruby Ranch Water Corporation is soliciting proposals for a review of our financial books

The Board of RRWSC is requesting proposals for a review of our financial books. In your formal response the Board requests the following information be included:

1) the cost to perform the review and provide a written summary thereof
2) brief summary of the qualifications of the reviewer(s)
3) the anticipated duration of the review
4) the reviewer(s) availability to do the review.

Please mail your response to:
Ruby Ranch Water Supply Corporation
P.O. Box 1585
Buda, TX 78610

Alternatively, you may email your response and/or send questions to You may also call 512-295-9708 with questions.

Your response should reach us no later than July 8, 2015.

The following summarizes the procedures RRWSC envisions to be used for the purposes of quoting and conducting a financial review of our books.

I. Familiarize reviewers with our system:

  1. Explain the overall financial setup between Treasurer and PGMS.
  2. Describe how money is collected by PGMS and accounted for by the Treasurer.
  3. Briefly detail financial tools used in the process.
  4. Discuss the procedures approved by the Board of Directors for disbursements and any limitations imposed.
  5. Review any special requirements for water systems as related to financial operations.

II. General outline of agreed upon procedures:

  A: Review Corporation’s Income:

  1. Verify selected deposits agree with bank statements.
  2. Test individual member account credits against deposits made and against billing statements.
  3. Verify consistency of water meter readings from month to month versus billed amounts.
  4. Calculate expected revenues and compare to actual revenues.

  B. Review Corporation’s expenses:

  1. Test payments to verify sufficient approvals and appropriate documentation.
  2. Does the check register agree with payments?
  3. Have expected periodic payments been made on time and in the correct amount?
  4. Validate vendors if they are not well known.

C. Verify accuracy of financial statements.

D. How are the financial records stored? Are computer records backed up off-site?

This list is not meant to be all inclusive but rather as a minimum as well as a starting point for the review.