Spill Alert for Well Owners in Frate Barker, Brodie Area

The City of Austin notified the District of a wastewater overflow at a lift station near Frate Barker and Brodie Lane (2600 Frate Barker) that occurred August 20 from approximately 5-9pm. City of Austin crews responded and have recovered 40,000 of the estimated 50,000 gallons that overflowed.

As a precaution and/or if you ever notice a change in odor or appearance, well owners near the area are advised to boil water before drinking or switch to drinking bottled water. District staff have investigated a similar spill a few years ago, and the overflow did not reach the recharge zone. Consequently, there is low probability that this overflow (given successful recovery and local geology) will affect water quality in the Edwards Aquifer. Staff will verify early this week.

Additional information and precautions can be found in the City of Austin Water Utility Overflow Notice.