Update on Hays County water notices

Since the residents of Ruby Ranch are served by different water systems, there has been a lot of confusion surrounding the BSEACD’s boil water advisory and no single answer is adequate for all of our residents.

As you may know Ruby Ranch Sections 1 & 2 are on private water wells and may choose to follow the BSEACD’s recently posted guidelines about boiling water.

Ruby Ranch Sections 3-8 receive their water from RRWSC and our system has not issued a boil water notice because our water is safe for consumption. The RRWSC water system treats all its water with chlorine before it is distributed to our customers/members. Furthermore bacteriological testing is routinely done monthly by PGMS, the operator of our system. It is important to note that the District’s boil water notice specifically mentioned you could “…boil or treat (UV light or chlorine treatment systems take care of bacteria) or switch to bottled water…”.

For any further questions about RRWSC’s water please contact PMGS at 512-894-3322