Update on water system

Good news, we now have a third well operational and PEC power has been restored since about 4am this morning so you should be seeing water service continuing to improve as long as we have continuing power. We still do not have sufficient water in our storage tanks, however, with these three wells, we can serve all of our customers if we continue to conserve water usage. It will take more time to get these tanks full and our system back to normal so please be judicious with water usage until we get everything back on-line; thank you for your assistance to date. Significant freeze damage occurred at plant 2, wells #4 & 5 and this must be repaired before they can be used.

A note with regards to boiling water; PGMS (our water system operator) does not believe its necessary because our distribution lines were not comprised. However you could boil water for a day to feel extra safe if you wish.