Water Pressure Incident Findings

On the first weekend of February some of our residents located far south of Onion Creek reported low water pressure levels to PGMS, the operator of our water system. On Saturday evening PGMS determined that plant # 2, located at the end of Ruby Ranch Road and which usually serves residents mostly south of Onion Creek, was not functioning properly and it was taken off-line. At that time, they opened an interconnect valve to plant # 1 so it could service the entire subdivision while the problem with plant # 2 was resolved. There was no need for a boil water notice since the system was not breached and the system water pressure level did not fall below prescribed minimums. On Sunday morning some residents reported noticing their water had an off color, most probably due to insufficient flushing when the interconnect valve to plant # 1 was opened. PGMS flushed lines at multiple locations on Sunday and did extended flushing again on Monday after continuing to get complaints of discolored water on Sunday. Via a Monday, 2/8, post on the RRWSC website – rubyranchwater.com – residents were encouraged, if they still had discolored water in their homes, to run faucets to clear it out any remaining discolored water in their home.

The diagnosis of the problem with plant # 2 which precipitated this problem yielded two causes. The first issue was a bad water level sensor which let the water level in the ground storage tanks get lower than desired. The second issue was the auto-dialer (which was triggered by another low level water lockout sensor) was unable to call out to PGMS due to a telephone line fault. Both issues have been resolved and PGMS has update its line flushing protocols (higher flush rates and volumes plus more locations) which should address discolored water concerns in the future.

There were some reported problems – long waits, misinformation, and no call backs – with the PGMS after office hours emergency phone system. PGMS is working with their answering service to improve their response via this system.