Water system work

Last year PGMS, our water operations management company, had performed a routine inspection of our ground storage tanks and made the recommendation to coat the interiors of the oldest tanks at each plant location in order to extend the life of each tank.  PGMS identified potential contractors to do this work and, after receiving several bids, made a contractor recommendation to the Board which the Board accepted, stipulating that the work takes place during the winter months when the demand on our water system is lowest.  Last week the contractor initiated work on the front storage tank at plant #2 (at the far south end of Ruby Ranch Road) and we expect that once plant #2 is totally operational they will commence work at plant #1 (near the 4-way stop).  Simultaneously with the plant # 1 work PGMS will be doing some yard piping work to give us further flexibility on storage tank usage.  We do not expect any impact to the service to any of our customers during this time frame.