RRWSC Low Water Pressure

Saturday evening PGMS, our water system operator, responded to some low water pressure calls.  They determined plant # 2, which usually serves residents mostly south of Onion Creek, was not functioning properly and it was taken off-line.  They also opened a valve from plant # 1 so it could serve the entire subdivision while the problem with plant # 2 is resolved.  In addition Sunday morning some residents reported noticing their water had an off color, most probably due to the normally idle cross connection line/valve that was opened so plant # 1 could supply water to the entire subdivision.  A PGMS operator will be out flushing the lines this afternoon to clear this discoloration.

PGMS has said a boil water notice is not necessary but if any customer feels they want to boil their water, that is okay.  If additional information becomes available it will be posted on the Ruby Ranch Water website