Unopposed Board Election Candidates

The annual meeting of the Ruby Ranch Water Supply Corporation (RRWSC) will be held on April 9, 2015 at 7 p.m. at the Ruby Ranch Lodge, 292 West Bartlett Drive, Buda, TX. In the RRWSC Bylaws, Ruby Ranch lot owners in sections 3 through 8, even if they do not yet have a water tap, are members of RRWSC and eligible to participate at this meeting. The RRWSC is separate from the Ruby Ranch Homeowners Association and is run by a separate Board of Directors.

This year RRWSC has three Directors whose terms expire in April, 2015. Each Director whose term expires this year timely submitted a candidacy application form and RRWSC did not receive any other applications by the February 23, 2015 deadline; therefore all three Directors were unopposed. In 2013 the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 447 which amended Chapter 67 of the Texas Water Code which required changes to RRWSC procedures for conducting annual membership meetings. RRWSC’s Board of Directors amended its membership meeting procedures which authorizes the Board to declare unopposed candidates elected after proper notice was provided and other election procedures were followed. RRWSC posted notice of the opportunity for candidates to submit applications to run for three positions on its Board of Directors.

At its regularly scheduled meeting in February, RRWSC’s Board of Directors passed a resolution declaring the unopposed candidates for Director positions elected. A copy of the resolution was posted and will also be read into the record at RRWSC’s Annual Membership Meeting. In addition, the resolution may be viewed by clicking here.